Nobile N62 V3 Kitesurfing Kite 2012 (BRAND NEW) - AED 2,400

SellerMarcus Sutton
Seller's phone0509193920
Price2,400 AED ( $653.506 )
Posted on3 March 2013

Private seller, not a rep or agent.

Includes brand new bar still in original packing,spare chicken loop and kite bag.
Simply bought kite and have not had a chance to use it given limited time to kite. Selling well below cost, actual cost 3700 online AED, as keen to sell

Nobile N62 V3 Kitesurfing Kite 2012

N62 V3 is the next generation of this popular all-round kite. Dedicated to beginners and intermediate riders, this kite is designed for advancing your skills no matter what your riding style is.
Equipped with the newest aerodynamic solutions, the N62 V3.0 features superb relaunch, easy power control and direct handling, combined with super stability. Perfect balance and advanced safety solutions makes the N62 V3.0 an ideal kite for progression.
If the kite does get wet, the effective relaunch system will have it back up in the air with the minimum of rider technique or effort.
• Perfectly balanced, all-conditions kite for beginners and intermediate riders
• Superior stability, easy power control, direct handling and instant relaunch
• 3 Strut Layout - less weight, better agility, faster inflation/deflation
• Impressive pivotal turning and progressive power control
• Outstanding Safety
• “Catch-free” valves location
• Short De-Power Throw
• Park & Ride Handling
• Huge wind range
• Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points
• Flattened wing tips
• Fully featured kite bag
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