F-One Bandit 5 - 7m Kite

SellerAstrid Petracchi
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Posted on16 February 2013

The new Bandit V is F-one’s answer to all kiteboarding needs. It is difficult to design a kite which performs outstanding in all wind conditions and which suits multiple styles and riding skills, but the F-One team has made it. The Bandit V blends explosive power with top control and it is ready to revolutionize the world of kiteboarding. The kite suits all riders, from beginners to pro and aims to be the best performer at all disciplines.

• One Pump Inflation System
• Delta-C Shape
• Force Frame
• Full Power and Depower Options
• Improved High End and Low End
• Auto Relaunch

The Bandit has always been one of the most versatile kites. Over the years, the F-one team has constantly improved the performance of this kite, to make sure that it will suit the needs of all riders out there. The 2012 F-One Bandit V is a true masterpiece. It is intended to suit a wide range of riding styles and skills, it offers unmatched performance and it is also fun to ride. The F-One Bandit 5 has an aerodynamic profile which assures a smooth glide and allows the rider to use it in light winds. At the same time the kite is very forgiving in high winds.

The kite generates plenty of power and has a constant and consistent pull. It loops and jumps great and keeps the rider in control at all times. The F-One team has used a thinner leading edge design, special shaped struts and a three point bridle system to make sure that the kite turns fast, without canopy distortions. The reduced leading edge diameter makes the kite more reactive and improves the low end as well as high end performance. The kite features flatter outlines which reduce the pressure on the bar and provide better depower.

The innovative Delta-C profile improves the aerodynamic abilities and keeps the kite stable when depowered. It also improves steering and keeps the kite responsive in a wide wind range. Another advantage of this shape is that it offers a fifth line effect on a four line configuration. The Bandit V has a high aspect ratio. This feature provides a higher lift, constant power and better stability. The lower bar pressure maximizes comfort at high speeds or in high winds. The new Life Line and Auto Relaunch feature make it even more comfortable and easy to use. The four line system provides a simple, safe and efficient way to operate the kite.

The Bandit 5 has exceptional upwind abilities, a good acceleration and reaches an incredible top speed. The kite is light, yet very durable. The Force Frame technology provides strong reinforcement in critical areas, without affecting the overall weight. The F-One Bandit V is perfect for hooked and unhooked rides, it is stable, easy to handle, powerful and reliable. It can be used with success at all kiteboarding disciplines.

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