FURIA 11m KITE Takoon & Harness

SellerAstrid Petracchi
Seller's phone00971507689226
Price2,400 AED ( $653.506 )
Posted on23 September 2013

The Furia is obviously the emblem of Takoon, offering flight qualities and a unique feeling. The 2012 edition is based on the formula which made this kite popular, while modernizing the tips shape, the structural stiffness and the low end power. The Furia always proposes a light and explosive feeling. The range comes with new one pump valve for added simplicity. Its hybrid shape combines the advantages of C and bridle in order to offer a light bar pressure, which flies fast in the window and turns fast on wingtip. The profile is harmonized with the moderated aspect ratio to make it easier to handle.

The kite is fast but perfectly balanced to always fly under control. The 5 struts associated with the leading edge bridle offers a rigid kite, able to absorb gusts without collapsed to accelerate, or to degas quickly thanks to the fast depower. The high end remains faithful to the Takoon spirit - simply outstanding. The Furia produces an explosive power thanks to the profile specific location.

The kite provides instant punch upwards and a huge amount of lift. The leading edge diameter offers and an matchless slide and upwind ability. The new tips shape offers a quick turning kite, with a fast turning speed, perfect for kiteloops and on-shore surfings condition. Re-lauch is done easily while pulling on a rear line. Regarding construction, the Furia benefits from the latest technology available. Single inflation with new valve shape and reinforcements at all critical wear & tear points.

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