Takoon Furia 10m

StatusFor sale
SellerBenoit Rochegude
Seller's phone0509002755
Price1,400 AED ( $381.212 )
Posted on30 September 2021

Takoon Furia/10m / C3-Neon Green / Blue

used. Can be used with any standard bar like Ozone, Airrush,... (Bar not included)
1 cut that can easily be stitched on the LE. Temporary Fix applied so flies as normal.

A kite that takes everything that has made the Furia successful for years and modernizes it with a 3-batten shape, triple ripstop construction and a variable bridle configuration to make it the unique wing for your quiver par excellence. The change from 5 to 3 battens makes the kite lighter to significantly improve the low range while maintaining sufficient rigidity for perfect control in high range or in gusty or unstable wind conditions.

Stiffness that is also optimized with the adoption of Teijin's famous triple ripstop fabric, a perfect compromise between lightness and strength for a better performing yet more robust wing. A wing that we wanted to be nervous, fast and reassuring in all phases of flight with a perfect reactivity whether trimmed or not, in order to adapt perfectly to foil use.

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