2018 F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro Convertible Foilboard + Mast (optional)

StatusFor sale
SellerTiago Antao
Seller's phone+971521093333
Price1,750 AED ( $476.515 )
Posted on14 September 2020

Excellent surfboard for beginners and advanced users.
This board is excelent for people that want to start surfing strapless (you can add straps if you want) and at the same time start foiling without the need to invest on another board.
The MITU convertible surfboard is a great 2 in 1 and gives you the flexibility to add a foil and use it as a foil board.

1) MITU FOIL 5'8 convert 172 x 47 cm - 23.5 L - 1750 AED
- high quality foil / kite surf board with straps and box for foil (excellent condition)
- 3 removable fins for carving
- great carving / aerial board in the surf for use without foil

2) F-ONE Mast 65 cm - 800 AED
Intermediate mast to be added to the foil. Excellent for new foil kiters that want to start.

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