USED MHL NJS CF5 Kite Race Board

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Posted on14 December 2012

Awesome race board. Perfect for beginners. Great to get you out even when it drops below 8 knots.

The CF5 represents the lightest, most sophisticated production board in Kite Racing. It is built with a full carbon, sandwich construction for optimum strength to weight ratios. The rocker line, outline and rails of the board have been carefully designed and fine tuned to allow a comfortable ride at top speeds.

MB Fins

A board is only as good as its fins.
Through careful testing, NJS Designs and MB Fins have come up with the optimum fin setup for racing. Precision CNC cut, these fins are the best that the market has to offer. 40 cm front / 36 cm rear.

Length 1812mm
Width 651mm
Volume 81Litres
Weight 5.3Kgs

Complete with Fins and Chinook Straps

MHL teams up with NJS

MHL Custom has teamed up with kite board designer, Nils Stolzlechner, to produce this years fastest production board for kite racing

MHL Custom has set out to become the premier facility in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for making surf boards, stand up paddle boards, kiteboards, and everything else that suits our love for the water. MHL has helped to fine tune these designs with the use of today’s modern CAD software and CNC technology, bringing to the public a professional race board at an affordable price.

Nils Stolzlechner, NJS Designs, has been a leading figure in the racing scene since the beginning of the sport. His board shapes are as progressive as his riding, and his company NJS Designs is known amongst top racers asone of the most competitive boards in the water. As a racer himself, Nils is able to push and tweak board design to the maximum.

The CF5 is registered with the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKA) and is eligible for any IKA sanctioned course racing event

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