7m SCULP used & Brandnew Board & Harness

SellerAstrid Petracchi
Seller's phone00971507689226
Price5,000 AED ( $1,361.47 )
Posted on5 July 2013

Overview Sculp is a high performance kite suitable for almost every rider. It performs exceptionally well in so many aspects. Sculp is amazing for freeride with unbelievable upwind ability and it is superb for freestyle because of its huge hang time and speedy profile for quick kiteloops. This kite is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable freeride kite and also for riders looking to progress in their freestyle skills. Sculp is all about fun, power, speed and performance. Sculp is a three strut and four line SLE kite with original flat delta shape designed by CrazyFly. Sculp has instant turning responses, reacts to inputs immediately and feels like there is no distance between the rider and the kite. Due to its speedy profile and light weight provided by the 3 struts construction, Sculp is able to cut extremely fast through air and generate loads of power. With such quick responses and speed, powered kite loops or going for huge hangs in the air is a piece of cake with this kite. Sculp is a perfect tool to for progressing from simple tricks to un-hooked freestyle tricks. Simple relaunch of this kite will make the learning process much easier and quicker as Sculp pops up in the air almost automatically. With its very wide wind range and excellent upwind abilities Sculp stands out from the crowd. As with all CrazyFly products, Sculp stands for the highest standards of quality, whether it is materials, manufacture, finish quality or design. Sculp comes complete with brand new Sick bar, new kite bag, pump, safety leash and a small repair kit. - See more at: http://www.crazyflykites.com/cf2012/kite.php?id=sculp#sthash.rVIOt4BX.dpuf

KITE: 7m SCULP used but in excellent condition comes with bar/pump and bag!
Board: Takoon 130cm LUX board brandnew
Harness: Takoon or Warrior II Waist Harness/Seat Harness new

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