inflatable 150 foil board

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SellerLaurent Viguier
Seller's phone0502447429
Price2,200 AED ( $599.047 )
Posted on4 June 2021

Manta inflatable 150 foil board. Excellent condition used a few times only.

The inflatable 150 is evolution of our successful inflatable 170. It’s prime use is for windfoiling and SUPfoiling. It is also a great beginner board for Wingfoiling. It features latest 30PSI drop stitch technology which allows us to reach weight in the 8.5kg range and a rigidity that now comes closer to rigid boards.
A hard rail allows proper water flow and board control against typical round iSUP designs.
The board has a new 4 holes embedded universal deep tuttle box compatible with all tuttle foils including Gofoils as well as plate standard foils.
It has 2 foot straps positions (316 stainless steel M6 screws inserts)
The inflatable 150 board has some clear advantages:
- low packed volume
- safer in case of rider's falling on the board
- large volume and short length = less wind disturbance.

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